Reply from Kwame is Cool.

RC 12: Text message on August 4th 2004 between Bernard and Kwame." we (me) need that meeting i was talking you and zeke... my crib late. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...It's all small stuff... ZIZ (Bernard's nickname). (08/04 4:40PM EDT)

Reply from Kwame Cool (08/04 3:42PM CDT)

Reply from Bernard "Let me know after you talk to him (08/04 4:43PM EDT).

11:34AM Thomas cross examines.

Thomas says many different ways to say cool. Tries different intonations for witness.

Cool means a lot of different things like pivot? No I wouldn't say pivot.

Cool might mean different things? "Well it also means temperature," says witness

RC 12 referred to by Thomas. Which is first conversation?

Thomas says cool can mean many different things.

You eliminated many different exchanges? No that's not true.

Witness says let me clarify something. In Concordance, I can run a search and sort them chronologically to see if something was in between. I know when we isolated this one, anything going on between these 2 people is reflected in this exhibit.

Thomas says you can't see who is being communicated before and after that? Witness says I can.

Thomas says but jury can't? Witness says I can tell jury that there wasn't anything before and after.

Witness says this document does not reflect if for example he asked to pick up his dry cleaning.

Thomas says you are determining what is important? Correct.

Thomas says there may have been other things going on? Not in terms of conversation.

11:42AM John Shea for Bernard Kilpatrick cross-examines.

Shea says the defendants didn't limit texting to just each other? Correct.

You wouldn't be surprised that these gentlemen communicated contact info to other people as well? Oh I know that to be true.

Don't sweat the small stuff could be standard sign off? Correct.

You didn't intend for that to be the substance of the text message. No I didn't.

11:44AM Gerald Evelyn for Bobby Ferguson cross examines.

Looking at TXT 17- a purported communication between Bobby and Mahlon clift? Yes sir.

How many other Mahlon clift to Bobby do recall seeing? None says witness.