Witness steps down.

11:45AM Government calls Brian Lang.

Mark Chutkow for government. Judge swears witness in.

Witness works for Spy Ops on Southfield Rd. in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Surveillance store selling spying gadgets for checking on cheating spouses.

Sells covert cameras, custom make cameras, overt (regular security) cameras. Recording equipment.

Custom make a lot of stuff. Give him an item and they will take a look and build a camera in a hidden location. Could be a Kleenex box, or coffee pot pointing in front of him. "I'm hoping not!" says Judge Edmunds.

"It's hilarious the stuff we come across!" says the witness.

Also sell counter-surveillance so finding someone who has planted covert surveillance. One of the services witness provides.

It's a lot more of corporate individuals protecting secrets. Sometimes with spouses but mostly corporate.

Judge asks witness to slow down.

Witness says 70 to 80% business is corporate, the rest mostly spousal cheating.

How much of you business would be a charitable organization? "My gosh I can't think of any."

In 2007, did someone from the mayor's office visit you? Yes, Bob/Rob Gibson looking for counter surveillance.

Did he tell you who he was working for?

Thomas objects. Judge sustains.

What did Mr. Gibson say he wanted? Witness showed me his credentials, worked for the city. Specifiucally wanted to look for covert cameras.

Did Mr. Gibson ask why he wanted it? Witness says mainly for mayor's office, all the principals offices of the city.

Did he tell you why he needed to get this material? Witness says Gibson told him there was some controversy amongst people in the office. Some distrust going on and wanted to do sweeps for protection of the staff working there.

Sidebar called.

Judge calls break for 10 minutes. seems a female juror may not be feeling well.

12:06PM According to a Local 4 producer who has dealt with the Spy Ops witness currently on the stand, he hands out business cards where he refers to himself as "Little Bear."

Still waiting for session to resume. It all depends on how the sick juror is doing.....

For the first time since witness testimony in this trial began, former water boss Victor Mercado was mentioned. He was referenced in terms of text messages isolated for the case.

12:15PM Judge enters room. Witness retakes the stand.

Judge makes mention about security officers and the press. Judge says she has rule that media shall not talk to anyone related to the case, including lawyers, in the courtroom or on the 8th floor. There is no prohibition talking to the press anywhere else. Please observe that reporters and lawyers. Marshalls don't know what you're talking about it- doesn't matter. It's important to maintain a semblance of propriety and not an inappropriate exchange of info.