Jury called back in.

12:18PM Chutkow shows something to witness. It's a receipt from our store. Maybe from 10/17/07ish for merchandise purchased by Mr. Gibson with check from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

Invoice for:  technical surveillance kit, wireless camera finder, UHF/VHF tester, pelican case .

Sky Ops invoice lists Kilpatrick Civic Fund as client. check for $1,397.08.

KCF 9B on overhead: device will find anything transmitting on low or high frequencies. If someone planted a device transmitted signal, this would find it.

Witness says a person would plant covert camera or audio device. Once you come across the device, it will start vibrating. "Ultimate game of cat and mouse basically" says Little Bear.

Most dangerous ones are the ones that leech off power already in the room. Good to build into that so you don't have to switch out batteries. so in electrical socket or lights.

Majority of covert equipment constantly transmits. Some have burst bug device where bug records for 30seconds and sends out signal every 2 minutes.

Chutkow asks witness to look at KCF 9A: second device purchased by Gibson. "Spyfinder" can find any camera, overt or covert. Little red bulbs with flashing lights, you'll see a distinct flashback when you come across camera. Hand held device.

This guy loves his job.

KCF 9C: The wireless camera hunter. Gets its own 007 acronym. Once it receives a signal, it'll put a picture on the screen. It takes signal and breaks down frequency band. 

Only works on wireless cameras. Can set it on a counter. Wireless cameras more dangerous.

Witness says when they build kits, they build kits for teaching.

KCF 9E: picture of 2.4 gigahertz camera receiver. "Basically it's the virus and the other devices are the cure."

Wireless camera with proper receiver to pick it up.

KCF 9D shown to witness: "Looks like a battle ship" murmurs witness. A VHF/UHF detector. Device can lock on to any transmitting bug, finds the frequency transmitting and demodulates it.

KCF 8: check that paid for all the items says witness. From Kilpatrick Civic Fund on October 15th 2007 for $1,397.08. Signed by C. Beatty.

Chutkow asks if he has ever met Christine Beatty? No.

Do you know what the Kilpatrick Civic Fund is? No clue.

Witness says he talked Gibson through the items and told them how to use them.

Chutkow did you help install or train on the items besides Mr. Gibson? No.

Ever selling this equipment to Mr. Gibson, did he ask for any more counter-surveillance? Yeah. Shortly after, we got a called to go to Chief of Police Evans office. Witness says it was coordinated by EPU.

Witness says it was late, 9 or 10PM and everyone was gone. witness was met outside building by Gibson and member of EPU. They were in burgundy police car.

Went up back way to offices. Took a couple of hours to do job.

Was subcontracted out by RSIG says witness.