Witness says TSIM search was of sheriff's office.

Witness says they walked by back way and he saw statue of Coleman Young.

Gibson and EPU showed witness old and dated equipment.

Witness ended up selling them this equipment after the threat assessment.

12:38PM Thomas cross-examines

Never met Kwame? Never.

Never talked to him about surveillance equipment? Never.

Never talked to Christine Beatty? Never.

Invoice made out to Kilpatrick Civic Fund? Yes.

Did you tell agent Sauer in a meeting on April 5th 2010 that the Officer-Gibson- told you that he wanted the equipment for training? Yes.

Witness says I trained Gibson, who he trained I have no clue.

Thomas says you went out to a place to search out electronic surveillance, when was that in relations to equipment? Did it before equipment was purchased.

Thomas says you described an auditorium with a statue of Coleman Young. Yes

"I don't anything down here but Lafayette Coney Island. I want to be left alone and go back to my hole." says witness.

Witness says he remembers a picture of Godbee with Barack Obama.

Witness says he swept office and outside office.

Thomas says do you know if Warren Evans was chief of police at the time? Don't know.

Thomas says did you know you were sweeping Evans office? "Dead giveaway was the name plate that said Warren Evans," says witness.

Did you find anything? No.

RSIG: Retail Services Investigations the witness subcontracts from.

Have you seen Gibson since purchase? Ironically, I ran into him a few months back.

Are they still using your equipment? I have no idea.

The idea of training police officers for surveillance, why is that important? Witness says he brought idea, when SWAT would run raids and not know about surveillance there when people took off their masks.

Did you discuss this with Gibson? Yes.

12:48PM Chutkow redirects.