However on redirect, the government pointed out the since the first article on the subject was published on August 29th, 2001, both of the checks were issued on earlier dates.

"So in your mind were you being paid these checks to somehow assist the Kilpatrick Civic Fund?" asked U.S. Attorney Mark Chutkow.

No, answered Berg, "our focus was totally on the campaign."

Wayne State employee Tracy Walker testified that in 2001, her now defunct firm Contact Sports was also enlisted to provide public relations services to the former mayor. Of more than $21,000 invoiced, $14,975.95 was paid from the Civic Fund.

On cross examination, however, Thomas demonstrated that the contractual agreement with Contact Sports did include the stipulation "to assist with coordination of promotions and community relations efforts related to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund."

Another witness, Virginia Harvey with public opinion pollsters Peter Hart Research, testified that her company was made to resubmit a revised invoice for $26,500 listing the client as the Kilpatrick Civic Fund instead of Kilpatrick for Mayor campaign.

The most humorous testimony on the day came from Spy Ops employee Brian Lang, aka "Little Bear". The witness testified that he sold almost $1,400 worth of surveillance equipment in 2007 to Bob Gibson from the mayor's office. Gibson told the witness that he wanted to run a sweep of the former mayor's offices. The payment for the equipment also came from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

Lang recounted how he was called by Gibson to run a counter-surveillance sweep of some offices in downtown Detroit. When asked where the offices where, Lang was hazy in his recollections remembering only that he was led up a back way, past an auditorium-like room and a bust of Coleman Young's face.

"I don't do anything down here but Lafayette Coney Island," said Lang in response to not being able to pin down exactly where he was.

Thomas asked Lang if he knew he was sweeping former Detroit Police chief Warren Evans's office.

"Dead giveaway was the name plate that said 'Warren Evans',"said Little Bear.

Testimony resumes tomorrow at 9AM.

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