Thieves steal chicken wings worth $65K

Published On: Jan 30 2013 12:12:11 PM EST

Two men are being accused of stealing $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings amid a high nationwide shortage of the appetizer.

Dewayne Patterson, 35 and Renaldo Jackson, 26, allegedly used forklift and a rental truck to steal several warehouse pallets of frozen wings from a storage facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia, according to WSB-TV.

Super Bowl alert: Chicken wings will cost you

The two men were charged with one count of felony theft and released on bond.

Thief changes his mind, accepts food for hungry family

Chicken wings are in extremely high demand and are expected to reach record prices during the Super Bowl this year.

The staggering cost of wings

Every year, the cost of the beloved game-time grub shoots up at the end of January as restaurants gear up to feed the masses for the NFL's big showdown.

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Prices usually go down soon after. But that drop never happened last year, because sweeping droughts in the Midwest drove up feed prices, agricultural experts say. As a result, the price of chicken farming, and therefore wings, has been gradually increasing.

The wholesale price of wings was up 26%, to $1.90 a pound in December from a year earlier, according to David Harvey, an agricultural economist specializing in poultry and eggs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.