John Johnson of law department reported to McPhail. Also Human Rights, Gerard Grant Phillips and Kim Harris reported to her. 

In earlier testimony, Harris said that Grant Phillips would invoke mayor's name to make things happen. 

McPhail in this position for 3 years, through 2008. 

McPhail says that she doesn't feel that Kim Harris was an effective administrator in Human Rights. 

Thomas asks if McPhail ever witnessed people extolling mayor's name to get things done. 

"It happened all the time," says McPhail of people trying to get what they wanted. 

McPhail says she knew Derrick Miller. Starting to talk about Miller coming to her office but US Attorney Michael Bullotta asks for sidebar.

 Michael Naughton hands McPhail a box of tissues. 

McPhail says she knew Miller when he was Chief Administrative Officer to the mayor and when she became counsel to the mayor. Witness says he was not at cabinet meetings, he was at IT when she got to the mayor's office. 

McPhail says she heard things about Miller. Says she already had her own opinions on his truthfulness. 

"I didn't trust him. He didn't tell the truth," says witness. 

Thomas asks if he was a truthful person. No says witness. 

McPhail also knew Emma Bell. Thinks she saw her in the office once the whole time she worked with the mayor. 

McPhail says that Kwame had two secretaries that sat in fron of his office and a large waiting area. She says that someone would take you into his office and you would meet at the long table in front of his desk. Says that sometimes other people would also attend meeting. 

Witness never heard speculation about Bell giving Kwame money. 

Witness knew that Bell did fund-raising for political people. Says she knows some people charge 10% commission for their fund-raising services.

McPhail says that Emma Bell was not a truthful person either. 

10:30AM McPhail says that people closest to Kwame had parties each year for his birthday, usually at a venue outside the office. Cabinet members, about 80 people, would contribute some sort of gift for the mayor. 

Recalls going to the Atheneum. But does remember much about gift collecting there. Says Christine Beatty would collect a "big ball of money" for Kwame at the office every year. Cabinet members would give at least $1000 or more. No one ever told them that they had to do it. Doesn't know what directors gave. 

10:33AM Thomas is done and Bullotta has no cross. McPhail steps down and we are taking a 20 minute break.

10:51AM Our first witness today was Sharon McPhail who served on city Council and worked as a cabinet member in Kilpatrick's administration. She seemed annoyed with the defendants, rolling her eyes when she felt they were talking too loudly. Seems she even asked defense lawyer Michael Naughton to tell them to keep it down a little. 

11:03AM Gerald Evelyn, Bobby's lawyer, calling the next witness. Thomas is not done but judge says there is no need to go in order. 

Theo Simmons, age 42. "Little bit somewhat employed" in demolition. Brother started E & T Trucking in 1991. Met Bobby in 1992-1993, at a construction site in Oakland Park. At the time, Bobby was working with his father. Witness worked with Bobby, driving trucks for his father. 

E & T did trucking and cement work. Did small jobs for Bobby, excavating with their small backhoe. Did a job for him that lasted 2 or 3 years. Did cement work for Bobby's AK Construction. Also did work for Glowrecking: water tap services and tie ins- tying new water main to old water main. 

Witness did work for Lakeshore on 2014. Says he saw the contract for it. Eric Simmons, his brother, handled the contract work. Witness says it was water main installing in January 2007.