Witness says when he started he had never seen A & H. That is Tom Hardiman's, former Lakeshore exec who testified earlier in this trial, company. First check they received was for $407,000 from A & H. About 2 months after they started work. 

Looking at breakdown of contract work for 2014- lists E & T Trucking with A & H. Witness says that A & H was not involved with the work they did on Chalmers. Never saw any A & H equipment. Not on the site at Linden/Southfield either. 

Change order on Fox Creek in 2007. Witness first saw A & H on that site.

Evelyn asks to approach the judge. Bullotta, Chutkow and Thomas approach as well. 

Witness says that Ferguson helped get his brother's company started. Gave them a lot of work. Business was initially located at Schaefer St and had issues there with break ins. So they moved to Ferguson's old location. 

"It was a good thing cuz we had a building now. Instead of parking outside, we were parking inside," says Simmons. 

Simmons says they sometimes used Bobby's equipment and materials. 

Evelyn done. 

11:20AM US Attorney Mark Chutkow cross examines. 

Simmons says that his brother handled all the paperwork, he just did the jobs. 

Chutkow asks if he knows that E & T Trucking was on the 2014 contract but that Bobby wasn't. Witness does. 

Witness doesn't know if they hired consultant to get the job with the city. 

Chutkow asks to approach for sidebar. 

Chutkow asks if witness has ever seen check in front of him. Chutkow asks if he knows Bernard. Witness says no. 

Chutkow asks if his brother ever hired Bernard and Maestro Associates and paid him $40,000. I don't know says witness. 

Witness says his company is E & T Trucking Inc. which did business with Lakeshore. He was President of the company doing work for Lakeshore. He did fieldwork, his brother did all paperwork. 

itness says he was on the field, he just knew locations and water main work. That was it. 

Looking at application for certificate of payment. Witness knows nothing about this document and how it was prepared. 

Witness does not know everyone's relationship with each other. 

Evelyn objecting but judge says that he introduced document in direct. 

Talking about Willi McCormick and L. D'Agostini. Witness doesn't know what they did for work. 

Witness says the contract had E & T and A & H on it so they must have been a joint venture. Witness says that he never talked to Tom Hardiman. Says that his brother Eric Simmons handled the bills. 

Witness doesn't know if there was fee dispute between bobby and his brother. "I don't know anything about nuthin'," says Simmons. 

Witness says if his certification had been yanked he wouldn't have been able to work in the city. Chutkow insinuated that Bobby was trying to get E & T's certification yanked. 

11:31AM Evelyn asks if he knows someone Hussain.