Evelyn is done.

11:33AM Lewis McVay from Muskogee, Oklahoma. Arrived in Detroit in 1972. Currently retired but did construction work. Says he is 65 but looks much younger. 

When first arrived in Detroit, worked for Dane Construction then Macomb Contractors. 

Also worked for Kalb Construction. Kalb was black-owned. Then worked for Hayes Excavating for 16 years in supervision, ran the underground. 

Ended up at Ferguson Enterprises Inc. Says he left Hayes Excavating because they were no longer be in the union so he had to leave. Says he had a very good relationship with Hayes. both shed some tears when they parted. 

Says he received a call from Ferguson asking if he would work for him. Wanted him to be a foreman but the witness didn't want that pressure. Ferguson asked him a few times and finally witness agreed that he would. 

"He said that he needed some black supervision," says McVay. 

McVay says that first project was on 8 Mile Rd from Keller to Hayes and from Hayes to I-75. This was roughly 9 years ago. 

Witness not familiar with number 2014. Remembers working on Fox Creek. Says he had a wrecking crew. 

Talking about working a broken water main site on Kercheval. Witness says he became familiar with A & H at that point. One young man from A & H was at the site. 

Witness says he doesn't remember meeting Tom Hardiman. 

Talking about MJ Reynolds who also worked with FEI. Says that Kenny Reynolds, MJ's brother and Ferguson's foreman, was also there.

Witness says they worked a long day and did not get any help from A & H. 

Worked for FEI roughly 6 years and in that time hired other people. 

Witness says he learned a lot about the business from Ferguson. 

"With Mr. Ferguson, you had to be accountable," says McVay. 

11:48AM Chutkow crosses. 

Chutkow asking about the water main site. 

Chutkow asking about 16 years he spent with Hayes and learning business from Ferguson. So asks him if he knows about costs. 

McVay says he knows about man hours. 

Witness acknowledges he worked on 2014. 

Chutkow asking about Hayes and if he couldn't pay union wages because he was losing city work. Witness says they bid on jobs. All he knows is he was getting out of the union. 

Can't answer whether Hayes was losing jobs with the city. 

Chutkow asks if he worked on downtown water main for Hayes. No says witness. 

Witness says he worked downtown for Hayes from Monroe to Greektown.