Chutkow shows text about "hays excavation cussed out victor and told him stuff his job. 5 minutes later he calls me to find out when how fast we can do the job." 

Chutkow asks the witness if he knows that Ferguson laughed at Hayes. witness says he did not. 

Witness says that he wanted Hayes to do well with the city. Hayes was a minority enterprise that employed city of Detroit workers. 

Chutkow asks if it would upset him to know that the mayor and Ferguson were laughing about Hayes like this. 

Evelyn objects for about the 4th time. Judge overrules again. 

"Do you want my personal opinion, sir?" asks witness. 

"That's the only one I want," says Chutkow. 

"I wouldn't like that," says witness. 

Chutkow done.

11:55AM Evelyn continues. 

Evelyn asks if Ferguson ever said anything disrespectful about Hayes in front of him. No says witness. 

Witness concedes that Hayes was having problems with unions. Union went on strike against Hayes. 

Talking about graphite damage to Hayes's machines. Hayes thought it was union people doing it. Witness agrees this affected climate on the job. 

Witness says he still did union work but agrees that Hayes was bitter with the union. 

McVay steps down.

12:00PM All counsel heads to sidebar before the next witness. 

Judge says that there is an issue that has come up. We were going to hear from a short witness but this issue has to be resolved so we are going adjourn now and reconvene tomorrow morning at 9AM.

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