The Ukrainian American Archives and Museum of Detroit, in cooperation with the Detroit Historical Society, has opened an exhibit on Ukrainian Americans and their immigration story at the Detroit Historical Museum.

Entitled "A Cultural Thread....The Enduring Ukrainian Spirit," the exhibit is now open in the Museum’s Community Gallery. The primary focus of the exhibit is to introduce the viewer to the history of Ukrainian immigration to the United States and its impact on American culture over the years, in particular to the local communities of the Detroit metropolitan area.

The earliest Ukrainian immigrants established ethnic neighborhoods that served as harbors for later waves of immigrants who preserved Ukrainian culture and traditions and assimilated into contemporary American society. Locally, nationally, and internationally,

The exhibit features traditional art that Ukrainian immigrants brought to America including regional styles of costumes, sculptures, paintings, over 1,000 Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky), ritual cloths which were used during life passages, pottery, woodcarvings as well as large scanned historical photographs of Ukrainian settlers and famous persons of Ukrainian descent.

The exhibit runs through Sunday, June 16.

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