Utica Community Schools statement

Published On: Dec 17 2012 01:28:30 PM EST

Dear Utica Community Schools Parents,
All of us continue to be impacted by Friday’s events and our thoughts and prayers remain with the families in Newtown, Connecticut. As we prepare for school tomorrow, please know that we are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment. I feel it is important to share with you our existing security measures:

Additionally, we have met with our in-house security specialists – career police officers – and consulted with local law enforcement this past weekend to enhance these measures. Therefore, the following procedures will also be in place this week:

UCS staff will maintain a sense of routine for the children. A sense of routine and stability is extremely important to help children feel safe. For the most part, the regular school day and school activities will continue as planned.

If you feel your child may need additional support, please contact his or her teacher or principal.

Utica Community Schools has a long history of coming together in support of all of our children. We appreciate your patience and commitment. Working together, I know we will continue to promote a safe learning environment for the 29,000 students in our schools.