WARREN, Mich. -

Richard Walker and Brandon Davis already knew they were in trouble, but nothing like this.

Because of messages put on Facebook the men face 20-year felony charges for a false report or threat of terrorism. According to police, Walker posted the following on Facebook:

"Wish people would kill more cops. We need more cops getting killed. We need true soldiers."

Davis allegedly wrote this:

"We really need more cop killers, like, for real."

He followed that up with an expletive against police and the courts. Police followed up with a search warrant on Walker's home, where Davis had been staying.

Police say the Facebook threats came a day after they towed Walker's car.

The duo also face weapons-related charges and resisting arrest.

"Can I go home on a tether? I won't run or anything," Walker asked the judge.

Bond for each was set at $500,000.