·        CEO

·        Director of Personnel/Human Resources

·        Chief Financial Officer

·        Corporation Counsel


The CEO and/or Executive Appointee shall inform in writing the Retirement Commission regarding any revision to a retirement benefit prior to implementation. 

The CEO shall inform in writing the Chair of the Wayne County Commission of any revisions or supplements to the Executive Benefit Plan, prior to implementation. 

Any benefits promised or documents executed that do not comport to these requirements shall be void. 



Executive Appointees shall use county property, including but not limited to, computer equipment, copiers, vehicles, and electronic equipment for business and incidental personal use only.  Wayne County property is to be used for business purposes in serving the interest of the county, the public and agency customers in the course of normal operations.

All Wayne County electronic equipment and its contents may be monitored and inspected as appropriate to ensure compliance with this provision. 


A lobbyist who lobbies any Executive Appointee shall be required to register with the State of Michigan and comply with all State of Michigan lobbying regulations.  An Executive Appointee shall request and receive written verification of registration.  The failure to obtain written verification bars the Executive Appointee from meeting with the lobbyist.

A lobbyist shall not pay food and beverage expenses on behalf of any Executive Appointee in amounts that exceed $100 annually.  All other monetary or non-monetary gifts or gratuities by lobbyists to Executive Appointees are prohibited, with the exception of charity.  


Rights.  All covered persons by this ethics policy have, without impediment, the following rights:


  1. To speak freely about work-related matters, including unlawfully suppressed information, suspected illegal or unethical conduct, or suspected misuse of County funds or other resources;

  2. To communicate freely with investigators and respond to investigative inquiries’;

  3. To expect reasonable conditions of employment, respect for individual privacy and unrestricted access to their personal and personnel records.


Responsibilities.  Executive Appointees who believe they have knowledge of ethical misconduct shall make immediate, lawful and protected disclosure to their supervisor.  Supervisors receiving a report of ethical misconduct shall immediately refer the complaint to the Inspector General.  Executive Appointees who believe they have knowledge of criminal misconduct shall promptly make a report to the chief of operations, department of the Wayne County prosecuting attorney.


Protections and Prohibitions.  No Executive Appointee shall retaliate against a complainant or whistleblower because of lawful, protected disclosure or refusal to comply with an illegal order.  Specifically, no Supervisor shall discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, deny promotion to or in any other manner discriminate against a complainant or whistleblower because of lawful and protected disclosure.