"You scary motherfucker. He owes me $80,000. You came back with $12,000," said Ferguson according to the witness.

Ferguson also took issue with one of the other minority sub-contractors on 2014. Ferguson became upset that Eric Simmons E & T Trucking seemed to be getting more work than he was from Lakeshore on the contract. Justifiably paranoid that his office might be bugged by federal agents, Ferguson met with Parker in the yard by his offices and asked him to work his "snitches" at the city's Human Rights Department to pull Simmons's certifications as a minority-owned and Detroit-based business. The witness balked at doing something that would so negatively impact the sub-contractor's business without any legitimate basis for doing so.

"You scary motherfucker. I'm the boss. You do what I tell you to," exploded Ferguson.

Jim Thomas, Kilpatrick's defense lawyer, began the difficult task of chipping away at the witness's damaging testimony. On the issue of the lengthy delay to amendment #4 on contract 1368, Thomas pointed out that there were many hoops to jump before contracts were approved and that Kilpatrick was in the midst of re-election issues in 2005.

The defense lawyer also addressed the rumors about the amendment just sitting on the mayor's desk.

"You recognize that sometimes rumors are not true?" asked Thomas. Parker affirmed that he did.

Court resumes 9 a.m. Thursday.