A&F Environmental $203,800

A&F Environmental $150,000

The checks memo states: “Paid for building improvement.”  

But Rachmale says no improvements were made. These are checks likely paid to Bobby Ferguson to “no work” jobs to allegedly keep Ferguson happy, which kept water department contracts flowing to Rachmale and Lakeshore. 

Now shown is a spreadsheet from an accounting group reflecting all of the payments made by Rachmale’s group to Ferguson’s group.

Get ready for the total paid to Ferguson: $1,585,450.09


Now we’re seeing an email : 

Oct.6, 2005 

From: Ayanna Mitchell

To: Bobby Ferguson

5% of $1,500,00 million should be jobs profit, abatement work = $75,000

This has to do with a “change order” for an asbestos contract Lakeshore had from the city of Detroit.

What was the amount your company was willing to pay Ferguson for this change order on this contract? The prosecution asks Rachmale.


“Hardiman came to Rachmale to tell me that there was a 5% fee on that contract.”

Hardiman was a key executive with Lakeshore and has already testified that Ferguson “shook down” he and Lakeshore.


From: Tom Hardiman

To: Avinash Rachmale

Feb 2 2007


These are the invoices from Johnson Consultants.

Tom H.

Invoices, the prosecution is suggesting were paid to Ferguson to NOT remove any asbestos from buildings.