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Ferguson then approached Rachmale to join this contract.

“We did not the job unfairly taken away, so I asked my partner to reach out to Ferguson.” Rachmale said.

Rachmale says Ferguson has another company called “E&T Trucking” and this was part of our team.

It was his understanding Ferguson “controlled” this trucking company.

Rachmale is being asked about this “E&T Trucking.”

Lakeshore listed how wonderful this trucking company was and how many decades of experience the company had.

It’s painting a picture that perhaps Rachmale padded contract bid proposals to not only win the contract, but to include Ferguson in the contract?

In fact, Ferguson was listed on a COMPETITOR’S contract bid, so he couldn’t be included in the Lakeshore bid.

This is showing how far Lakeshore went in it’s business practices to keep Ferguson happy. Ferguson is technically listed on two contract proposals.

He can’t lose.

Ferguson’s Xcel Construction was on the winning bid for the water main job.

He then wanted Xcel construction to be the head of the contract Lakeshore won.

He had never provided “construction management” services to Lakeshore before.

Ferguson got 15% of the contract through this trucking company.

He’s coming back for more by telling Rachmale that he’ll also oversee the entire project as manager.

Rachmale: “He came to our offices to talk about this. He had come to the meeting and said, I will do this part, I will do this part. He was trying to justify this management.”

Prosecution: “He was telling you to cut back on engineers on this job so he could be paid fees to management the job?”

Rachmale: “Yes.”

Ferguson provided NO effort to put the bid together.

What percentage of the fees did he want to take?

Rachmale: “He wanted half. 50-50.”

Would Rachmale make any money from this? “Very little.” Rachmale.