Woman spots image of Jesus on stingray

Dead cownose ray washes up on James Island, S.C.

Published On: Apr 04 2012 11:11:36 AM EDT   Updated On: Apr 05 2012 10:39:56 AM EDT

People have long claimed to see images of Jesus on everything from walls to a grilled cheese sandwich. But a woman visiting a South Carolina beach said she spotted an image of Christ on the back of a dead stingray.

Erika Scheldt, 24, said she was swimming with friends at James Island when she spotted a dead cownose ray washed up on the sand and took a picture of it because it had a strange image on its back, The Post and Courier reported.

"I just kind of thought it looked like a bearded homeless man," Scheldt told the newspaper. "But when I posted pictures on Instagram, one of my friends was like, 'That's Jesus.' And I was like, 'Oh, my God. You're right.'"

According to the publication, Scheldt said she is a Catholic who is getting married this summer but didn't read too much into any hidden messages.

"I did think it was interesting, with Easter coming up," she said. "And it’s such a beautiful image on such a harmful thing."

On its website, the Shedd Aquarium said cownose rays are mild-mannered, but have a long, barbed tail that packs a toxic punch -- more likely to strike predators than people.

Scheldt told the paper that she and her family members are still working on a name for the "holy" discovery, and so far, have come up with Ray Rey -- "Rey" meaning king in Spanish.