Mustaches on women revealed to be the ultimate dating turn-off for single men.  For women, guys won't stand a chance if they have bad body odor. A downy mustache on a woman has been revealed as the ultimate turn-off for single men, with 68 percent citing the facial hair as an absolute turn-off in a new survey.

Meanwhile 87 percent of female participants in Oxygen Media's dating poll said that bad body odor would kill the romance. As a result, 34 percent of the 833 people quizzed, admitted to faking an emergency exit during a first date after getting a quick glimpse or whiff of their potential suitor.

Facial hair may be a no-no for single American guys, but German woman Mariam, 49, who has been growing a beard since 2008, insists that it is sexy.

Overall, honesty was ranked as the most desirable trait in a partner, over appearance or scent. In a bid to get an insight into modern-day dating, participants were asked where they went to look for future mates. The bar scene topped the list, followed by online dating sites.

When it came to getting relationship advice, 56 percent of daters said that they turned to the internet rather than confiding in friends or family members.

About 40 percent of African-American and Latino singles said that they watched TV shows to learn about the ins and outs of love. According to the poll, dating often gets complicated because people want what they cannot have or are unsure of their feelings.

A quarter of respondents admitted to going on a date with someone they knew was married, and two-thirds agreed to a second meet-up despite not being interested in the person.

Both men and women said they were happy with kissing on the lips on a first encounter. However men were willing to go several steps further, and 53 percent said they were happy with heavy petting while 50 percent saw nothing wrong with sex.  Just to be safe, 72 percent took condoms with them.

When it came to matters of race, the results revealed an open-minded approach. An overwhelming 90 percent of female Latino and African-Americans and 85 percent of Caucasian respondents said they would happily date people outside of their race.

Religion is always a question. 80 percent said they would be fine with a future partner who had different beliefs to their own.

The poll, conducted online between March 26 and April 2 by Research Now, was commissioned to coincide with the premiere of Find Me My Man on the Oxygen Channel.