TROY, Mich. -

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled Troy does not own the land where its new Transit Center is being built.

The land battle has centered on the Grand/Sakwa Properties south of Maple and Coolidge roads in Troy, which consists of 77 acres. There are several retail entities and condos on the developer’s property.

The developer originally agreed to donate the land to the city in 2000 with an agreement to get the transit center funded within 10 years, but the city failed to meet that deadline.

The city of Troy was eventually awarded a federal grant to build a transit center on the donated land.

When construction started, the developer sued to stop the project in the Oakland County Circuit Court and lost. An appeal was then filed in the Michigan Court of Appeals and the developer won. 

It’s unclear what will happen next with the legal dispute and the transit center.  A city spokesperson said Troy may appeal the State’s ruling.

The transit center is expected to open in October.