Detroit police have arrested one person in connection with an attempted gas heist early Friday morning in Detroit.

Local 4 was there as the 19-year-old was taken by police, in only his underwear, out of a house that is across the street from the gas station that was targeted.

His clothes were found in the home's basement, soaked with gas.

Video: Suspected gas thief arrested in underwear

Police said they are still looking for a second person who may have been an accomplice.

The suspects allegedly tried to rob the driver of a fuel tanker who was replenishing pumps at the Clark station at 7 Mile and Schoenherr.

Police said the suspects allegedly tried to pull a fuel hose out of the driver's hand.

Hundreds of gallons of gas were spilled.

The fuel company, Bazco Petroleum Transport, along with a Detroit hazmat team were called to clean up the spill.


Friday's incident comes just days after two other men were arrested when officers caught them using a siphoning system in the back of a van to steal fuel from a gas station's underground tank. Police spotted the van and a tube stretching into an open tank cover.