Take a look at the surveillance photos.

They capture a booze bandit on the move inside a Birmingham Kroger store and Maple Road and Woodward Avenue The man is shown grabbing pricey bottles of vodka and champagne before he takes off.

It all happened when the store was closed down for just a few hours. Employees were busy preparing for the holiday rush as the thief made off with the liquor.

"We noticed that a lot of people go for champagne. I know it's really coincidental because it is a festive thing that people would use, but thieves love that, too, because that's the easiest thing to sell on the streets," said Joseph Kakos.

Kakos is the owner of Kakos Liquor in Birmingham. He knows this time of the year is prime time for thieves who are after top-shelf spirits.

"Champagne is easy to distribute, as they say," he said.

At Kakos' security is a top priority.

"We have 16 cameras here. Unfortunately, that is a necessity in today's world," he said.

When a guy like this thief makes his move and other crooks are out cleaning out stores, it ultimately affects all of us. The loyal customers are the ones who may have to help cover the loss.

"At the end of the day, that means prices go up for consumers, the real consumers," said Kakos.

Birmingham booze bandit 2