21. San Antonio, TX

22. Seattle-Tacoma, WA

23. Jacksonville, FL

24. Philadelphia, PA

25. Orlando-Kissimmee, FL

The Top 10 metro areas by annual revenue were Riverside-San Bernardino, CA; Portland, OR; Jacksonville, FL; Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA; and Detroit-Dearborn, MI.

"Centers of technological innovation are booming. Cities like Portland and Jacksonville are taking advantage of their slower pace, lower costs and good standard of living offered to residents," Arora said.

When sorted by credit score, San Jose was the leader. Rounding out the top 10 were Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles-Anaheim, San Francisco-Oakland, San Jose, New York metro, Detroit-Dearborn, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Sacramento, and Portland.

"Small businesses in areas where technology is booming ... tend to have higher credit scores," Arora said. "They are also areas with a long history of innovation and thus have well-established companies with higher credit scores."