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Look back at Boston Marathon bombing

The trial for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man charged in the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people and injured more than 200, begins Monday. Take a look back at scenes from the April 15, 2013, incident.

Dana Garrett/CNN

A year after bombing, Boston Marathon underway

A year after bombs disrupted the end of the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring dozens, runners and spectators once again flocked to the streets of Boston for the 2014 race on Monday morning.

Marathoner returns to Boston 1 year later

She was a 10th of a mile from finishing the 2013 Boston Marathon ...

Local woman returns to complete Boston Marathon

She was just a 10th of a mile away from finishing when the bombs exploded.

3 charged for lying to FBI in Boston bombing probe

Wednesday three were formally charged with disposing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's laptop and some fireworks and then denying to the FBI that they did it.

Massachusetts State Police

WCVB Exclusive: Man who found bombing suspect in boat

A Massachusetts man who found Boston Marathon bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in a boat in his back yard said he is an "incidental hero," and tells his exclusvive story to WCVB in Boston.

Why Boston bombings suspect wasn't immediately read rights

The push is on to get key information from a suspect in the Boston Marathon ...

Boston bombings suspect charged; details sealed

A court official says the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings is facing federal charges of ...

Boston bombings suspect communicating with police

Local 4's Shawn Ley is live in the newsroom with the latest on the condition of the Boston bombings suspect.

Marathon trainees dedicate efforts to Boston victims

Hundreds of runners who met at Kensington Church in Troy Saturday morning to train for the Detroit Free Press Marathon dedicated their efforts to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings ...

Effie Nidam/CNN

Boston celebrates after suspect caught

Celebrations broke out on the streets as Boston-area residents cheered for police after the surviving suspect of the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Friday evening.

Who are the Boston bombing suspects?

As the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ends, learn more about him and his brother, Tamerlan.

Chief: Slain MIT officer was dedicated, well liked

Slain Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier enjoyed

Timeline of events: MIT fatal cop shooting, Watertown shootout

Violence terrorized Bostonians overnight, and police believe two suspects involved are the same men who allegedly planted bombs that killed three in the Boston Marathon Monday.

FBI expert Andy Arena talks on events unfolding in Massachusetts

The suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was on the run Friday as thousands of law enforcement authorities search Massachusetts.

Travelers from Boston talk about ordeal after arriving in Detroit

Even though most of Boston is at a standstill, flights in and out of the city are ongoing.

Boston manhunt: Timeline of events

The massive manhunt for the surviving Boston marathon bombing suspect continues.

Woman in Michigan wakes up, finds text from loved one in Watertown

One woman staying in Michigan received a terrifying text message early Friday morning from her boyfriend who was close to the action in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Detroit FBI expert's take on hunt for Dzhokhar

Andy G. Arena, former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Detroit Division, talks with Local 4 about the manhunt in Boston.

Uncut: Shootout with Boston suspects

Video of the shootout between police and at least one Boston Marathon bombings suspect.

Another hectic day in Boston as arrest rumors swirl

Investigators say they have made "significant progress" in the case, but no arrests have been made

Former FBI director breaks down new Boston bombings information

Andy G. Arena, former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Detroit Division, talks with Local 4 about the new information coming out of Boston Wednesday.

Reports: Boston federal courthouse evacuated

Security officers at Boston's federal courthouse forced the evacuation of the ...

FBI appeals for help solving marathon bombings

Investigators are appealing to the public to come forward with photos, videos, or any clues that could help solve the Boston Marathon bombings.

Detroit runners, walkers gather day after Boston blasts

Many Metro Detroit runners took part in Monday's Boston Marathon and ...

Teacher uses technology for lesson on Boston bombings

Scott Kushel knew he had to change his lesson plan for Tuesday after ...

Ann Arbor woman thankful to be home from Boston Marathon

Gianna Lete is back from the Boston Marathon and wearing ...

Educators use Boston bombing to teach students

Many students showed up to school this morning with news of the explosion weighing heavy on their minds.

Boston bombs said to be placed in pressure cookers

Investigators now believe one bomb was placed in a metal kitchen pot and placed in a bag. Police say a timer may have also been used to detonate it from a remote location.

Michigan runner has close call in Boston

George Ostrander, of Berkley, was approaching the finish line when the first bomb went off in Boston.

Nation reacts to Boston bombings via social media

It didn't take long for the nation to realize the magnitude of what had happened in Boston as news passed quickly via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Police beef up security for Lansing Marathon on Sunday

The shock waves from the Boston Marathon bombing can be felt all the way in Lansing ...

Police increase patrols for Lansing marathon

The Lansing Marathon is Sunday and 2,000 runners are expected to run, along with 4,000 spectators lining the streets.

Day 2: Boston remains on high alert

Many can only imagine the pain Boston families are going through as the massive investigation continues into who planted those bombs.

Michigan runners home from Boston say they feel lucky

Gianna Lete ran the Boston Marathon and she keeps thinking about how lucky she is that things turned out okay for her family and friends there.

S.I. puts Boston front, center

Sports Illustrated is joining the national conversation swirling around Monday's bombings at the ...

2nd Boston Marathon victim identified

Published reports are saying the second..

Dad: Marathon bomb victim had both legs amputated

The father of a man who was photographed being pushed away from the Boston Marathon bombing in a...

AP Glance: Use of 'pressure cooker' bombs around the world

The explosives used in the Boston Marathon bombing were crude devices often called “pressure cooker” bombs, according to a...

Boston bombings: Former chief FBI agent talks about investigation

Local 4 talks with the former chief agent of the FBI in Detroit about what investigators could be doing at the scene of the Boston bombings.

Boston bombings dominate front pages

Newspapers across the country bore the sad news of the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on their front pages.

Witnesses recount escaping harm in Boston

Local 4 talks with witnesses who were in Boston and are returning home safe with some sadness in their hearts.

Boston Marathon: Finding victims, information

Slowly but surely resources are being made available to...

Bloomfield Hills family escapes harm in Boston

A Bloomfield Hills man tells Local 4 what happened when the sounds of explosions hit his ears while he waited for his son at the Boston Marathon ...

Bloomfield Hills family emerges from Boston bombing unscathed

Local 4 talks with a Bloomfield Hills family who got caught in the middle of the chaos during the Boston Marathon bombing.

Police search apartment following Boston bomb attacks

Local 4 has a live report from Boston on the latest in the investigation into who planted bombs around the city.

Dr. Donna Rockwell on how to help your family deal with tragedy

Local 4 mental health expert Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about what families can do to help each other through the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy.

Oakland County Sheriff: Be aware

Local 4 talks with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard about what citizens can do if they see something suspicious.

Michigan runners return from Boston with heavy hearts

As flights from Boston land in metro Detroit, stories are being told about what happened ...

Ex-Detroit marathon director's wife was running in Boston

Before any of the tragic news hit TV or Twitter, former Detroit Free Press ...

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