Kristy Ryan Mcdermed faced domestic violence charges after investigators said she did something to get back at her husband for a dispute.

The Canton Township woman poured bleach into her husband's eye drops, police said. After he put drops in one eye, he knew something was terribly wrong.

"An investigation began. Detectives went out and spoke to Ms. Mcdermed in this case and she did admit that she put some bleach into his Visine because she was troubled over some past domestic issues," said Canton Police Lt. Charles Baugh.

The man was treated and suffered no permanent damage to his eye. Meanwhile, his wife found herself in court. Police said they had never seen a case such as this.

"And she actually admitted to posting on Craigslist a request that she would pay someone to actually assault her husband," said Baugh.

Investigators interviewed several potential witnesses including the couple's children. Those close to the couple say they were aware there were issues but this incident took everyone by surprise.