A heated confrontation between a security guard and a man outside a Detroit apartment building ending with shots fired and the man dead.

It happened at the Freedom Place Apartments on West Warren near the Lodge.

"I want justice. They didn't have to do him like that, they were wrong," said the wife of the deceased man. "The security, they shot him like a dog. He didn't do nothing to nobody."

But, police say early Tuesday the 58-year-old resident came home extremely drunk, staggering and yelling. Sources told Local 4 the man was trying to pick a fight with the security officer, in which the officer told the resident to go up to his apartment.

According to sources the man left, but then came back and charged at the security officer who then shot the man in the chest killing him.

The Prudential Security Company says it’s not releasing any details on the shooting at this point because it’s an ongoing investigation.

Bur, those who know the victim is outraged.

"He was such a nice person. Everybody loved him," said one resident.

People living in the complex say they've seen a spike in violence, just yesterday a man was shot outside.