A billboard that protestors say is too racy for the streets of Los Angeles is now moving to Orlando.

The billboard is an advertisement for the dating website CougarLife.com and seems to sexualize the act of breastfeeding.

It features a naked woman breastfeeding her baby with the slogan, "Jealous?" The advertisement also pixelates the image where the baby's lip meets the mother's breast, much like is used in conjunction with adult content.

The billboard was put up in L.A. on Mother's Day but was taken down Thursday morning because of community pressure. Its location near the West Hollywood Farmers Market was a problem for residents because children go there with their families.

CougarLife.com representatives said despite the backlash, the billboard will be rolled out nationwide across 20 different cities, including Orlando, though the timing and exact locations are not yet confirmed.

The company maintains the billboard is not offensive.

"There was no reason for this billboard to be taken down prematurely," said Miss CougarLife.com Marlo Jordan. "The Farmers Market was actually the perfect place to showcase this ad. There is nothing more natural than a woman breastfeeding. People may have been offended by the message of older women dating younger men, but I find that shocking in this day and age."