A judge on Wednesday granted at least four more weeks of evaluations and discovery in the case for a Clinton Township woman who is charged with attempted murder for allegedly dangling a baby out of a second-floor window.

Parisienne Clark, 29, is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and first-degree child abuse.

Her preliminary hearing had been scheduled for Wednesday, but Judge Benedict Segesta granted the joint request from the prosecution and defense for more time.

Clark is accused of taking a baby, who is 1 year old, from its babysitter, who is also her cousin, on March 14.

Police when the babysitter and her boyfriend noticed the baby missing, they went to Clark's nearby home, and could hear the baby crying inside.

Clark was allegedly held the baby out the window until the boyfriend managed to grab it from her.

Clark then jumped out of the window, injuring her neck in the fall.

The baby was not hurt.