ROYAL OAK, Mich. -

More than three months after the explosion that killed 58-year-old Daniel Malczynski, Consumers Energy crews are back at work replacing the main that led to the explosion.

Malczynski was killed Feb. 27 when his house exploded in the 4000 block of Cooper Avenue because of a gas leak caused by crews working on an underground main. The explosion forced dozens of people out of their homes for days.

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Some families have yet to return. There are homes on the block that are still boarded up.

On Monday, the crews were removing the main. They will start the process of putting in the new main on Tuesday. The project will take about two weeks.

"So once we install the new main we will tie the main to the individual gas services that run to each home. Then we will send a service technician in. They will check all the appliances, relight them, do safety checks," said Consumers spokeswoman Debra Dodd.

Dodd said they are following the required safety procedures but with more supervision.

"We have onsite supervisors that are here supervising every aspect of the operation because, obviously, safety for our community, our customers and our employees is top priority," she said.