A Russian daredevil has claimed a world base jumping record with a leap off the north face of Mount Everest.

Valery Rozov, 48, wore a special wingsuit which allowed him to reach speeds up to 125 mph while gliding in the air for a full minute. He eventually landed at a glacier at 5950 meters.

The feat was timed to mark the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of the world's most famous mountain, according to the World Record Academy.

Rozov, who has made over 10,000 jumps, planned the jump for two years. It took four days to climb from base camp to the jump location, assisted by a team of four Sherpas.

"Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically," said Rozov after getting home to Moscow. "When you look at the videos you realize that it took a lot longer than usual to get from falling to flying."

In 2012, in a warm-up for the Mount Everest leap, he jumped from 6,420 meters from Shivling in the Himalayas.

Watch: Man leaps off Mount Everest

Valery Rozov, a 48-year-old climber and base jumper from Russia, has set a new world record by performing a wing-suit jump off Mount Everest from an elevation of 23,687 feet.