A Detroit Department of Transportation bus driver was attacked Sunday with what’s suspected to be a bucket of bleach.

Witnesses tell Local 4 Damon Jackson stopped his bus along Woodward Avenue near 7 Mile by the old State Fairgrounds and opened the bus door. As soon as he did, witnesses said a man threw the liquid chemical on him.

He was rushed to a hospital in the ambulance with injuries to his eyes.

Witnesses said Jackson's attacker had been standing at the bus stop with a 2-liter bottle that had its top cut off and was full of liquid. The attacker is still out there.

DDOT's union is furious.

William Williams, vice President of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26, said drivers fear for their lives every day on the job. Laat month, the fears reached a point to where a one-day protest was held over security for bus driver.

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Williams said the city had promised to get police to help protect drivers, but he doesn't think it's enough.

"I think they're going to wait until somebody gets killed. It's been close," he said.