There is no debate that Michigan is having a difficult winter, but there is a debate over how best to make up the school time lost for excess snow days this season.

State law allows school districts six snow days every year. Many districts have already far exceeded their limit.  The state board of education has recommended districts add days to the school calendar to make up the difference, rather than extending school days, which would be allowed under legislation under consideration in Lansing.

Lori Banks is one parent who does not want to see extra days added to the school calendar.

"I think it's stupid. My son is going to be mad that he has to go. Do you think he's actually going to want to sit there and want to learn when he's supposed to be out playing. I'd be upset too if I had plans to go on vacation and now I can't because my son has to make up days that wasn't his fault that he had to miss in the first place," Banks said.

Southfield School District board trustee Darryle Buchanan is sympathetic to family concerns, but says parents need to look at the big picture.

"Welcome to parenthood, but seriously, you have to think about all of the adjustments you have to make. This is one that nobody was prepared for," Buchanan said.

He agrees with the state board's recommendation.

"When you think about education it is not about hours, it is about delivering content, so how much content are you going to be able to deliver at the end of the day when your kids have been in school all day. Kids are going to be worn out," Buchanan said.

The final decision will be up to individual school districts, but districts will need to reach agreement with teacher's unions before making a final decision on how to make up for those additional snow days.