Imagine getting the same fine for pot possession as you would jaywalking. That's what marijuana proponents in Michigan are fighting for.

Petitions were filed this morning in the City of Ferndale and if everything is approved then voters will have the final say this November.

It's part of a statewide effort -- to go city by city -- getting the pro-pot proposal on local ballots.

Andrew Cissell, 26, of Ferndale collected 600 signatures in favor of putting the vote on the ballot. That's double the amount needed to file a petition with city clerk’s office

Tuesday marijuana advocates, including Tom Beck from the Coalition for a Safer Michigan, took the signatures to the city clerk and filed a petition to get the pro-pot proposal on the ballot.

"Ferndale has never found a marijuana ballot initiative that it didn't like. There’re three of them that have passed in the past, the population is overwhelming supportive of this issue," said Beck.

Ferndale is just one of many cities taking on the topic.

In 2012, decriminalization proposals made the ballot and passed in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Ypsilanti.

Kalamazoo passed it in 2011.

Ann Arbor was the first to decriminalize pot back in the 70s.

The clerk's office now has 10 days to validate the signatures in Ferndale.