Akua McClain of Detroit may not be with us today if it weren’t for her 5-year-old son, Demonte Reilley. 

“He’s my protector, he’s my guardian angel,” said McClain. 

Tuesday morning, Demonte woke up to his mom having a seizure. 

“I was scared when she was having the seizure but I wasn’t anymore when help was coming,” the 5-year-old said.  

The reason help was on the way was because this brave boy knew exactly how to get help to his home. 

“We were lying in bed when it happened so I got up and called 911,” said Demonte. 

Demonte not only called 911 but he stayed on the phone with the operator, telling them where they lived and how his mom was doing. 

“They said someone was coming to my house to save my momma,” said Demonte. 

“I heard him screaming, 'Mom, mom where’s the phone,” said McClain. “Next thing I knew I heard the ambulance workers talking to my son and they were carrying me out.” 

McClain has epilepsy and seizures can be common for her. But she tells Local 4 this isn’t the first time Demonte has looked out for her and it probably won’t be the last. 

Demonte Reilley and mom

“He is always making sure I take my medicine every night,” McClain says “If it weren’t for that 911 call, God only knows what could have happened.”