The six remaining members on the Detroit City Council are planning to vote next week on replacements for president and president pro tem.

At a meeting Tuesday, the council said they were awaiting more information from the city's law department before they would take further action on figuring out what to do with the roles left vacant by Charles Pugh and Gary Brown.

Brown resigned from his position on council to begin working with Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr on the city's restructuring. He's now the city's chief compliance officer.

Pugh has been missing in action for weeks. He stopped showing up to council meetings and has since been stripped of his power and pay by Orr.

He has been spotted in Seattle.

He's also at the center of a police investigation after the mother of a Detroit teenager filed report claiming Pugh had an inappropriate relationship with her son.

Councilman Kwame Kenyatta resigned last month, citing fewer responsibilities for the board since the state hired Orr to run Detroit's finances.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey says the council can operate as long as it has at least five members.