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Mike duggan

Duggan names key officials to fire, law departments

Mayor-elect Mike Duggan announced Monday the appointment of three top officials to the Fire Department and three top officials in key legal positions for the administration taking office January 1st.

Mike duggan

Duggan heads to Washington to meet with Obama

It's a big day Friday for Detroit Mayor-elect Mike Duggan. On Thursday, Duggan boarded a flight to Washington for a lunch meeting with President Obama and ...

Detroit bankrupt

Detroit back in bankruptcy court Tuesday

Lawyers for Detroit will be back in court Tuesday and Wednesday as bankruptcy proceedings continue. Tuesday's proceedings are...

Detroit Institute of Arts

Oakland County puts Detroit, DIA on notice

Sell off any art or use suburban tax dollars to pay off Detroit's creditors and Oakland County will withhold millage monies from the DIA ...

Sketches by: Jerry Lemenu

Judge puts stop to state suits in Detroit bankruptcy

On Wednesday a bankruptcy judge ruled that a federal judge will determine whether or not Detroit is eligible to file for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy.

Detroit bankrupt

Judge holding 1st hearing in Detroit bankruptcy

Detroit's bankruptcy is hitting a courtroom for the first time as a judge considers what to do with challenges from retirees who claim their pensions are protected by the Michigan Constitution ...

Graffiti in Detroit

Detroit bankruptcy: How did it get to this point?

It’s no secret that Detroit’s been struggling with its financial disaster for several years.

Rod Meloni - more 4 your money

Rod Meloni: Kevyn Orr's big deal

Local 4 News has learned the details of that “important settlement” ...

Bankruptcy decision coming soon for Detroit

The City of Detroit may have no choice other than bankruptcy to manage the city's massive financial crisis, the emergency manager Kevyn Orr says we will know the city's fate very soon.

Janet Whitson

Retirees upset by Kevyn Orr's plan to slash benefits

With Detroit teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is looking at slashing benefits for city retirees ...

Orr's restructuring team meets with pension heads

Detroit's emergency manager is meeting behind closed doors with city pension leaders. The key group is being asked to ...

Detroit unions brace for cuts to pension fund

Detroit's emergency manager's team met behind closed doors with city pension leaders on Monday.

What Kevyn Orr can do in Detroit as EFM

Kevyn Orr cancels bus tour for creditors

Detroit's emergency manager may have to cancel a planned bus tour of the city for creditors because several of have backed out.

Detroit Skyline

Detroit EM meets with city's Financial Advisory Board

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is holding his monthly meeting with the city's Financial Advisory Board on Monday ...

Detroit Em blight bus tour

Detroit EM plans blight tour for creditors

Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr wants creditors to come to Detroit next Wednesday to take a bus tour and see the real problems in the city ...

Renaissance Center at night

Review is in: Detroit may be on its way to bankruptcy

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's staffer was happy to talk sports Monday night ...

dia artworks

Detroit bankruptcy could make DIA artworks vulnerable

The thousands of artworks kept by the Detroit Institute of Arts could be vulnerable to...

Charles Pugh

Criminal complaint against Charles Pugh filed

Attorneys representing a local mother alleging Pugh had an inappropriate relationship with her son announced a criminal complaint was filed Saturday with the Madison Heights Police Department.

Gary Brown says Bing needs to make layoffs immediately

Brown to become restructuring officer under Detroit EM

Local 4 has learned that Detroit City Council Pro-Tem Gary Brown will step down from his role to take up another within the city ...

Rod Meloni - more 4 your money

Rod Meloni: Real deal behind Detroit's restructuring plan

You can spend hours reading through Kevyn Orr's turnaround plan here on and you will ...

belle isle sign

Belle Isle lease plan back on table

Any debate over leasing Detroit's Belle Isle Park to the state of Michigan appears to be ..

Detroit money crisis graphic

City Council overrides budget veto

On Monday, the Detroit City Council voted to override Mayor Bing's ...

Detroit money crisis graphic

Detroit City Council OKs $1B budget with some changes

The Detroit City Council on Friday approved the $1 billion budget proposed by the mayor -- but amended it to include some ...

Belle Isle Park sign

Belle Isle eyed by New York investors for development

Detroit's Belle Isle is not for sale, but New York developers are considering ...

Bing and Ficano copy

Politicians look at Bing-Ficano race for county executive

While Dave Bing will not seek another term as Detroit's mayor, he is ...

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing Gov Rick Snyder EFM Kevyn Orr

Detroit EM, 2 loan board members will not testify

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and...


Can Detroit be saved? Turnaround expert offers view

In the wake of Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's report that shows...

Kevyn Orr March 25

EM Orr issues 1st report on Detroit to Gov. Snyder

Detroit's emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, has released his first report on the city to Gov. Rick Snyder ...

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing Gov Rick Snyder EFM Kevyn Orr

Detroit EM, 2 loan board members ordered to testify

A judge has ordered Detroit's emergency manager and two members of Michigan's Emergency Loan Board to testify for ...

Detroit police car

Detroit sues police union over wages

Detroit police are fighting to get back some money from a recently 10 percent pay cut.

Detroit police car

Detroit sues police union over wages

The city of Detroit forced its police officers, along with every other city employee ...

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig

Source: Top candidate for DPD helm is Cincinnati chief

The position of Detroit police chief is a big job that will require major ...

Protesters bring Detroit City Council to halt

Protesters upset about emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, and a contract to hire his former firm Jones Day, made sure their voices were heard at today’s' meeting.

Detroit to hire 40 new EMS workers

They are badly needed and the city may finally be getting more of them.

Detroit mayor unveils $1 billion budget

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has proposed a $1 billion budget that includes further cuts in the city that's now under state oversight.

Bing at city council April 12

Detroit mayor presents budget to City Council

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing presented his budget address on Friday ...

Kevyn Orr talks with Local 4

Kevyn Orr sits down with Local 4

Detroit's emergency manger has been on the job for two-and-a-half weeks now ...

Kevyn Orr City in Crisis image

City Council escapes cuts under emergency manager, for now

So far, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has not stripped ...

Kevyn Orr City in Crisis image

Jones Day is Detroit's turnaround firm, without approval

In January, the Jones Day law firm sent a six-member team ...

Detroit City Council

Detroit City Council awaits EFM's plan for its future

Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr is working on the 3rd order ...

CAY EFM protest1

Group protests inside Detroit City Hall lobby

A crowd of people filled the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center lobby Thursday demanding an audience with Detroit's newly appointed emergency manager ...

Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for protest against Detroit EFM

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was in Detroit Friday, saying he is prepared to...

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh

Detroit City Council holds 1st meeting since EFM appointed

On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council held its first meeting since the appointment ...

What Kevyn Orr can do in Detroit as EFM

Detroit EFM Kevyn Orr keeps City Council, mayor salaries

The salaries and benefits for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and City Council members will continue ...

Emergency Manager Pep Rally

Pep rally held to organize protests over EFM

A group of community leaders and activists are preparing to take action next week as the emergency financial manager starts ...

Kevyn Orr

Detroit churches take stand against emergency manager

Members of Lutheran churches across Detroit are planning to...

The Rev Jesse Jackson

John Couwels/CNN

Jesse Jackson to challenge EFM law

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is opposed to the appointment of an emergency manager in Detroit, and is planning a news conference today.

protestors on I 94 1

Detroit EFM protestors snarl traffic (again)

Three vehicles protesting Detroit's Emergency Financial Manager caused major...

detroit council what's next

Detroit City Council looks to future with emergency manager

Members of the Detroit City Council hope they have a role to play when ...

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