The men who want to become the next mayor of Detroit are making their final push before Tuesday's election.

On Sunday, Benny Napoleon - the son of a Baptist preacher – worshiped at Bethel Baptist Church on Detroit’s east side. It was one of many church visits the mayor candidate made on Sunday. “I am just rallying folks to get up and get out and vote and let them know how important it is to the future of this city.”

His opponent - Mike Duggan - also took to the pulpit in churches across the city.  Included in his travels was a visit to Triumph Church on the city’s east side. He's hoping those in the pews give him their blessings at the polls.  

The religious community has played a key role in campaigns in the city's past elections.

Napoleon is counting on that support to give him the edge. Although the Wayne County sheriff is trailing significantly in the polls - his candidacy is supported by the majority of the clergy in the city.

Benny Napoleon said, “The religious community in this city has always been instrumental in campaigns. So it's important to have that support and it's important to rally the base of support up.:

But Duggan - the former head of the DMC - has picked up some endorsements of his own from local ministers.