Detroit Police Chief James Craig promised to make changes to improve the department's performance, and on Wednesday he sent a strong message by demoting the head of the Detroit Police Department's troubled communications section.

Commander Todd Bettison is re-assigned to the 11th Precinct as an inspector.

The Chief also outlined two incidents involving 911 dispatch. The dispatchers, whose names were not released, were involved in delays in sending officers to two different incidents, a deadly stabbing on May 12 and a non-deadly shooting Aug. 30.

Both dispatchers are suspended without pay. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is reviewing evidence for possible charges in the second incident. It's not clear what charges, if any, the dispatcher in the first incident could face.

Craig called the problems with the dispatchers isolated but says a full review of the system is underway.

"Status quo, complacency, mediocrity will not be tolerated," Craig said.