For the first time in a long time, the city of Detroit has gone more than a day without a murder or deadly shooting.

Many are crediting new Police Chief James Craig's reorganization of the department.

On Tuesday, Craig talked with Local 4 about the news that 36 hours had passed without a deadly shooting.

"It's actually longer than that. My staff cautioned me not to jinx it, but it's actually more like 40 hours, which is a big accomplishment," said Craig.

The police chief points to the work of three newly formed units. One is called GIST which stands for Gang Intelligence Surveillance Transit.

"We are a gang intelligence unit that also doubles with dealing with issues on our buses. That unit has done tremendous work. they've been up and running now for a couple of weeks," Craig said.

Another new unit is called TRU, standing for Tactical Resource Unit. TRU puts its focus on known crime areas of the city.

"TRU is out deployed. Not one violent incident, but yet we made five arrests of key individuals," Craig said.

Chief Craig also pointed out the work of the Vice Squad, which is focusing on liquor licensing and prostitutes working near local businesses.

"To place a focus on street-walking prostitutes, they have already made four felony arrests. Because they are more quality of life driven 34 misdemeanor arrests," Craig said.

Detroit police chief James Craig believes the quality of life for Detroit residents will continue to improve, thanks to the work of the officers on these special units.

"Detroit police officers, who are some of the best of the best, who are committed to making this city one of the safest cities in this country."