With an escaped prisoner on the run in Detroit, police have amped up security to keep school students safe.

Chrysler Elementary on East Lafayette in Detroit was one such school to see police presence on campus during student dismal Monday.

The school is in the area where the carjacked van was abandoned by 25-year-old Abraham Pearson.

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Pearson was set to be sentenced for carjacking and armed robbery at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice when he stabbed a deputy with a homemade knife and made his getaway.

"I was told he might be in this vicinity, so we definitely want to take those precautions and pick up our children and loved ones so that everyone can be safe," said Audrey Price who was picking up her niece from school. "We are very cautious and concerned."

Police say Pearson, also known as Derrick White, was transported from jail to court for his sentencing.

Abraham Pearson alias Derreck White

A shackled Pearson overpowered the deputy in the courtroom. He stole the deputy's keys and took his uniform. The deputy, Harrison Tolliver, suffered minor cuts and bruises and had several puncture wounds to his neck. He was treated and released from Detroit Receiving Hospital. He is in good condition.

The prisoner on the run next carjacked a woman's van.

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That van was recovered at Concord and Lafayette; the manhunt for Pearson continues at this hour.

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