The end of summer signals back-to-school shopping. For some students, pencil and pens are not going to be enough. Whether the college students in your lives are heading to college for the first time, or for their senior year, they may need to stock up on the dorm essentials.


Consumer Expert Ruth Spencer met up with two local college seniors at Bed Bath and Beyond at Great Lakes Crossing to get tips on what students really need to bring to campus this fall.


"This is kind of Christmas in July for us here at Bed Bath and Beyond," said Christa Mallinger. Mallinger is the store's district customer service manager.

"A lot of college shoppers coming in looking for things to outfit not only their dorm rooms, but apartments, on campus and off campus," she said.  


The students told Ruth to the Rescue each year brings new dorm room challenges.


"So things you have your freshman year, you might not use again your sophomore year in a different building, so it always changes. It's always fun to mix it up," said Oakland University senior, Jennifer Bonardelli.


For Storage


"So different storage options we have, either hanging in the closet or under bed storage, would be the thing I think most people don't think about when they're moving into the dorms," said Mallinger.


Both of our college students agree- space is important.


"I have drawers in my room that keep a lot of my hair things, makeup can go in there," Bonardelli said. “Even if you put your clothes in it if you need more drawer space in your closets, those are great- that plastic kind as well."


To save even more space look for home goods that come in all-in-one packaging.


"When everything is all in one, it is really easy," said senior Zac Budrow. “I tend to gravitate to something like this- a bed in a bag."


It is also important to remember that the mattresses in the dorm room are not going to be as comfortable as the one at home, so a mattress pad is a useful purchase.