Supporters of Mike Duggan, who has been taken off the ballot in the race for Detroit mayor, are rallying him to wage a write-in campaign.

Earlier this month, Duggan dropped his bid as a mayoral candidate after two court rulings said he was disqualified for violating a residency requirement.

Duggan filed his petitions on April 2, more than a month before the city's legal filing deadline of May 14.

However, Duggan legally became a Detroit resident on April 16.

By filing before April 16, the two courts ruled he hadn't been a resident for a full year yet -- a requirement to run.

Duggan has said he doesn't blame anyone but himself and has suggested he isn't interested in a write-in campaign.

But at 11 a.m. Thursday, Duggan's supporters will rally for him --urging Detroit voters who want Duggan as mayor to write his name on absentee ballots and write his name in at the polls.