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Detroit teachers union president under fire

Steve Conn is facing six charges from union members.

Principal, Detroit non profit leader accused...

Esperanza Detroit was a non profit organization that provided services and in-house counselors to at-risk students at Western International High School and other Detroit Public Schools.

Araya Diaz/ poetry book

Does poetry still matter?

Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year.

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Apple upgrades its education features

Unless they have a particularly large and hungry dog, some kids just lost an excuse for not turning in their homework.

Apple updated its iTunes U app on Thursday, adding a new feature that lets students turn in their homework directly from their iPad ...

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Columbia University to divest from prisons

Columbia University has become the first college in the United States to divest from private prison companies, following a student activist campaign.

The decision means the Ivy League school -- which boasts a roughly $9 billion endowment -- will sell ...

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When school's out, millions of kids go hungry

No more teachers. No more books. No more free lunch.

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Magic unfolds at preschool in retirement home

Filmmaker Evan Briggs had spent a long time thinking about aging in America, our relationship to the elderly and how dysfunctional it seemed.


Study: 1 in 4 kids exposed to weapon violence

Sometimes it's hard to get our heads around statistics and comprehend what they mean, but the findings of a new study on our children's exposure to violence are easy to grasp -- and stunning in their scope.

Detroit students attend summer camp with police

While camp is supposed to fun, these kids are learning some serious lessons.

Nearly 8 percent tuition hike coming at EMU

Students at Eastern Michigan University will need to pack more than books this fall.

Unwanted Lessons: #Tuition

Unwanted Lessons: #Suffering

School Closings

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