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Johns Hopkins mistakenly welcomes wrong students

Nearly 300 applicants to Johns Hopkins University had their hopes dashed after they were sent acceptance letters by mistake.


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Learn science while hacking your Roomba

Want a programmable robot of your very own that you can teach anything from playing your favorite songs to cleaning up after the party? iRobot says go ahead and hack your Roomba.



Students walk out over 'Redskins' name change

The debate over the "Redskins" name in sports isn't just at the professional level.


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Washington Post finds more holes in Rolling Stone article

The Washington Post on Wednesday identified new inconsistencies in the rape story told by Jackie, a University of Virginia student, in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine.



These college presidents make at least $1 million

As the cost of college continues to put millions of students in debt, college presidents are making more and more money.


School changes fundraising practices

A South Dakota boarding school that sends out more than 30 million pieces of mail every year pleading for money to help its Native American students now says it is changing the way it raises money after a CNN investigation.


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U.S. losing its appeal for foreign students

When it comes to studying abroad, the U.S. is no longer THE place to go.



Ferguson library sees donations roll in

Ferguson is in turmoil, but one community safe haven is getting a lot of attention.


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UVA vows zero-tolerance policy on rapes

"The status quo is no longer acceptable."

That's the message the University of Virginia is trying to send its students and others after a scathing Rolling Stone story detailed allegations of a gang rape at a fraternity party, and the school's…


Preschool benefits: Half days vs. full days

It’s the great preschool debate: Is it better for children to attend a full-day program or have half days?


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