A California student who set his eyes on being admitted to the University of Michigan's 2012 freshman class has sung his way into a spot with admissions and thousands of views on YouTube.

When Lawrence Yong found out he was wait-listed, he turned to a melody and a camera to try and sway the university's admissions team.

In April, he posted his Wolverine-version of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

His title? "Michigan, give me one more chance!"

"I'm a student on your waiting list and I am dying to get in and I was initially planning to write the traditional letter saying like, 'Oh I really want to be a part of your school,'" Yong says in the video. "But I thought, 'You know what, talk is cheap and this is a great opportunity for me to show some of my strengths.'"

Wearing a white dress shirt with a block "M" fixed to the front of it, Yong lets his voice do the convincing.

WATCH:Lawrence Young UM admissions video

And it worked.

Yong posted the first week of June that he'd been admitted.

The video has nearly 35,000 views.