The new school year is in full swing and your kids might be just starting out, or you may be looking to reinvent yourself.

Experts at CNBC have important advice as you work to earn that degree and it could help you make more money.

It's something to start planning for now before you get ready to sign up for next semester's classes.

Considering that more than a quarter of a million college graduates worked for minimum wage last year, and that millions more are in jobs today that require no more than a high school diploma, many in the business world say maybe it's time to recalibrate your curriculum.

"No matter what your major is, you want to try to think about what employers want, not necessarily think what your school wants," said Kelli Grant of CNBC.

Grant asked recruiters to list the best courses college students can take to better their chances at landing a job, and they answered classes in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, professional writing and most definitely, business.

"It helps you be a better employee if you understand how your business works, and that will let you understand how you can make a difference," Grant said.

Leadership studies is another one recruiters recommend and interestingly, theatre arts.

"It helps to have some comfort speaking in public, making your case, and that's something you could get through a theatre arts course," said Grant.

Grant also said recruiters are urging students to get internships, more than one, regardless of one's major. Professional experience is key and can open the door to many job opportunities.

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