TAYLOR, Mich. -

Samantha Faulkner wanted to stay off camera but needed to share her sister's story.

She and her 22-year-old sister, Summer Faulkner, recently had moved into a place at the Taylor Park Townhomes. However, on Friday night police say a man broke in and stabbed Summer to death with Samantha home at the time. The man was Summer's ex-boyfriend.

"I can't even think about what life would be like without her," said Samantha. "We were just always together. We did everything together, everything."

On Monday, 31-year-old Eric Frederickson was charged with 1st degree premeditated murder and felony murder. He was not given bond.

"I do find that you're a threat to society. You are on probation for aggravated assault," said Judge Geno Salomone, of the 23rd District Court.

During the video arraignment, Frederickson appeared nervous and uncomfortable. He was whimpering at moments.

Police confirm that Summer was being stalked by Frederickson for months after they broke up in February.

"We had no idea that he even knew where we lived, but he just came in the house and did what he came to do," said Samantha.