The Obama Administration is dedicated to ensuring that the Federal government remains an active partner in bringing jobs back into the City, and turning the people of Detroit’s vision of the future into a reality. The Administration continues to find ways to complement the tremendous efforts already underway by local government, businesses, philanthropic, civic, and neighborhood organizations, and support the Detroit community in furthering the City’s economic revitalization. Our focus is on collaborating with City leaders and local partners to align existing Federal resources to effectively support local priorities.


Today, as part of ongoing engagement with the City of Detroit, the Administration is committing to the following, in partnership with the State, City, philanthropic, and private sector:


Unlocking and Attracting Nearly $150 Million for the Effective, Coordinated Demolition of Blighted Properties, Neighborhood Revitalization and Redevelopment in Detroit.


  • Unlocking $65 million in Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) funds for blight eradication, housing rehabilitation, and other community revitalization efforts through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in partnership with the City.


  • Demonstrating a public private partnership by providing Detroit with $25.4 million for commercial building demolition from the City, State, and HUD, as well as business and philanthropic partners. The investments include:


  • $5 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP-3) funding from HUD and the City;
  • $5.4 million of repurposed CDBG funding from HUD and the City;
  • $5 million in program income from NSP-2 from the State of Michigan;
  • $10 million through the fundraising efforts of philanthropic and business organizations.


  • Ensuring efficient and green utilization of the recently announced $52 million Hardest Hit Fund allocation for blight elimination through assistance from the Department of the Treasury and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including the release of a “toolkit” for safe demolition.


  • Providing Detroit with $10.18 million for affordable housing from HUD.


o   Awarding $1.1 million for environmental assessments and cleanup of brownfield sites from EPA.


o   Expanding access to a tax lien assistance program that has helped more than 1,600 families and counting avoid foreclosure through a partnership of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and Treasury Department.


In addition to the $10 million in private funds for commercial demolition, other contributions to neighborhood revitalization from the philanthropic and business communities include:


  • Giving $1.5 million in operating support to the Detroit Land Bank Authority between 2014 and 2018 through an ongoing commitment by the Ford Foundation.


  • Awarding $1 million to Invest Detroit for the acquisition and predevelopment of residential properties including a new project on the East Riverfront, through the Ford Foundation, in addition to the ongoing support by the Kresge Foundation for the East Riverfront.