The Farmington Tennis Club that abruptly closed its doors earlier this year has a date with the auction block.

The club on Farmington Road is set to be auctioned online on June 19 through CBRE Auction Services.

The club sits on five acres, has 10 courts and a domed ceiling.

An initial bidding deposit of $75,000 is required in order to participate.  Property inspections will be held by appointment only.

Those interested in the property should call the auction company at 800-815-1038.

What happened:

Local 4 was there in February when the club locked its door, put brown paper over the glass and taped up a sign that said, "Thanks for the memories."

“The owners waited until the last minute just to say screw the tennis community,” said Whitney Wasielewski, a former tennis instructor at the club.

According to Farmington city officials, the Farmington Tennis Club had two years' worth of unpaid taxes on the books.

Local 4 reached out to both owners, who had been running the club for several years. Neither answered or called back.