A mother and her young daughter were forced into a car by a man with a knife Tuesday morning in Detroit.

The ordeal began when the mother came out of her house to take her daughter to school. She says it was the child's father who ambushed her as she tried to get into her car. He drove them around Detroit's west side, never making it clear where he was going or what he would do with them.

"My child's dad kidnapped us out of our driveway this morning," the mother said. "I was on my way to taking my child to her first day of kindergarten and basically got ambushed getting in the car. I was just like, 'Please let us out, please stop the car.' He was doing every bit of 80, 90 miles per hour up and down I-94."

The man eventually drove to his mother's house and released the child. It's not clear who alerted police but they were waiting for him.

"I was locked in the back at the time and once he dropped the baby off we made a right turn and police was right there," the mother said.

The 5-year-old girl never made it to her first day of kindergarten. She and her mother will try it again on Wednesday.

Right, they are grateful for their safety.

"Thank you Detroit police officers. Thank you so much," the mother said. "We're home. We're safe and I'm glad it's over with