With Bernard Kilpatrick's final walk into the courtroom, the criminal enterprise that was the Kilpatrick administration now is over.

"They're going to prison and here we have a city that ultimately has this blemish but yet now a rebirth," said legal expert Todd Flood.

The older Kilpatrick got 15 months in prison for tax evasion.

While the name Kilpatrick now may be in this city's rearview mirror, what's not over is the ongoing federal corruption probe into various Detroit entities such as the pension boards and the Wayne County government.

The scandal surrounding county Executive Robert Ficano is so bad that he recently came in dead last in a poll of possible names for next Wayne County executive. The feds aren't even done with the Wayne County investigation.

Story: Poll: Ficano dead last for Wayne County executive

The fiasco that is the Wayne County jail project has Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy investigating and grand jury reviewing.

This is in addition to the federal interest in how exactly Wayne County bids out a jail project which was $100 million over budget before being anywhere close to completion.

Now that the Kilpatrick mess has been cleared out it is time to zero in on the underfunded disaster that is the Detroit pension system.

As of Thursday night, seven people have been convicted as a result of the federal investigation into the pension boards. Four more are awaiting trial.